Why home owners and the building industry needs us

For decades now, the digital revolution has been transforming working practices in businesses throughout the world. Initially with digital record keeping, then with the dot-com bubble, and more recently, with ever-more mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and the forthcoming Google Glass.

This explosion of new technology has brought benefits and challenges to all industries, but some have been slower to adapt and exploit these new opportunities – in our opinion, the structural engineering industry is one of them.

What’s wrong with the old way of doing things?

If you’re a home owner or architect embarking on a building project and you need to get steel beams designed, this is what normally happens:

* You search for a local structural engineer or approach someone you’ve used before.
* You wait for them to visit your site and take measurements.
* You wait for them again to come back with structural calculations.
* Often, the steel beam calculation report they provide will be poor quality and the beams over-designed (we know because we have first-hand experience: our founder used to check structural calculations submitted for building regs)
* You hand over at least £200 for the privilege.

As well as being costly and sometimes sub-standard, the whole process can take weeks.

But that’s not all. Over-designing beams is not cost-effective and it’s a waste of our precious and diminishing resources. Waste in the construction industry is a massive issue, as renowned academic and engineer Chris Wise explains in this video: ‘Enough is Enough’. Chris worked on the building of the 2012 Olympic velodrome so he knows what he’s talking about.

So all these issues got us thinking: there must be a better way.

Enter beamcalculation.co.uk

Our founder, Kevin Taylor, created this website because he believed he could provide better quality beam calculation reports, faster, and at a fraction of the cost:

* Received within 48 working hours
* Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

He’s also created other innovative websites, such as:

steelbeamcalculator.co.uk – so that building surveyors, designers, architects and engineers can design steel beams quickly and easily.

As you can see, he’s on a mission to modernise his industry and improve the value and service it offers to its customers.

Professional, high-quality reports – guaranteed

All our reports are checked by founder Kevin Taylor, who has 20 years of experience in the structural engineering industry. So we guarantee that our reports will meet building regulations and include specifications for safe and efficient steel beams.

Kevin Taylor is an Associate Member of the Association of Building Engineers with a HNC in Civil Engineering. As we mentioned earlier, he’s had the ideal training, because he’s been on the receiving end of poor-quality beam calculation reports – he worked as a Senior Technician for a local authority, which involved checking calculations submitted for building regulations approval. He’s also worked as a Bridge Inspector and Design Engineer during his career.

Finally, we thought we should reiterate that we’re adequately covered: we have professional indemnity insurance of up to £1,000,000, though we’re pleased to report that in 7 years of business, no-one’s ever needed to use it.

So if like us, you’re tired of putting up with poor, slow service that costs a fortune, there is now another option – beamcalculation.co.uk.