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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do beam calcs from pics and drawings?

Not at present, we are only doing calculations for the 47 standard templates shown on this site, all you need to is fill in the relevant template and we will prepare your calculation report based on the template selected and the information you provide. If your project isn't included in the list of the 47 standard templates, unfortunately we can't help you.

If you're not sure which of the templates is applicable to your project, please ask your builder or architect for help or contact us and we can help.

I would like to use your online calcs, but can't find a model that accurately reflects my scenario, can you help?

At present we are only preparing calculations for the standard 47 templates as shown on this website, so unfortunately we will not be able to help with your project.

Why do you restrict the beam length?

The reason we restrict beam length is that the risks increase significantly as the beam gets longer, the overall stability of the building becomes more critical, the supporting walls and foundations are more likely to become overloaded and the beams are more likely to fail. Also as the beam length increases the masonry layout is less likely to comply with Approved Document A, which can sometimes be a problem with Building Control.

I am planning on removing a chimney breast, can you help me?

At present we are only supplying calculation reports for the 47 standard templates on this website, unfortunately none of these templates apply to chimney supports.

Do any of your templates allow for beam to support another beam in a 'T' beam type arrangement?

I'm afraid none of our templates would be apply to your project, so unfortunately we can't help you.

Do you design concrete lintels or catnic or other proprietary lintels?

No we don't design lintels, we would recommend that you contact the lintel manufacturers and they will help you specify your lintel.

Does your service cover Scotland?

No, our service is only for England and Wales.

I'm in the process of filling out an application, however, I'm in need of some help. Can I contact you for some assistance?

Yes, please feel free to contact us.


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