Checklist for Removing a Load Bearing Wall

If you're removing a load bearing wall in your property, it may quite possibly be the first and last time you have to work with builders and deal with all the associated paperwork. To help you, we have written a check list of things you need to do when removing a load bearing wall.

  • Planning permission

    If you are just removing a load bearing wall you won't usually need planning permission, however, if you are carrying out other building work you may need planning permission, for more information on planning permission, please check out the Planning Portal website

  • Listed Building Consent

    If you want to alter a listed building, you must apply for listed building consent from your local planning department.

  • Building Regulations

    Your project may not need planning permission, however, if you are removing a load bearing wall you will need building regulation approval, you can appoint a Building Control Officer from your local council or you can use a private sector approved inspector.

    Building Control will ensure that the works are carried in accordance with the Building Regulations. Small straightforward work such as the removal of a load bearing wall can be completed on what is called a building notice without the need for full architectural plans.

    For more complex projects it is advisable to have full architectural drawings prepared and have these checked as part of what is called a full plans application.

  • Party Walls Act 1996

    A party wall is the dividing wall between you and your neighbour, ideally it is best to avoid working on or near a party wall, however, if there is no alternative you may need to comply with Party Wall Act, for more information see

  • Appointing a Structural Engineer

    For small straightforward projects you can use the standard templates on this website (, for more complex projects you will need to appoint an experienced structural engineer to help you with your project. Building Control will often ask for a structural engineers report to ensure that the proposed building works is safe and complies with the building regulations.

  • Appointing a Builder

    For guidance on appointing a builder see the citizens advice bureau website

There may be other things you need to consider and it is recommended that you seek appropriate professional help where necessary. If you need any help with getting beam calculation reports from our website, then please do not hesitate to contact us